Company History

The company story begins a quarter century ago…

20th Century

The original predecessor company was founded in 1988 as a joint venture between a group of ten international scientists, businessmen, engineers and a UK-based engineering firm.  Sfinkx was established in 1990, and incorporated in 1991 as an inventor and manufacturer of laser cutting technology in the US, and in Germany as a research group active in the area of material processing and precision engineering sciences.

The research group was led by the team of international scientists and focused on intensive development of advanced material processing technologies for space exploration applications, flat panel display and semiconductor industries. The R&D group gained recognition for four major worldwide patented technologies in the hi-tech industry: Fiber Laser Material Processing Technology, Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology (ZWLCT), Solid State Lapping (SSL), and Quartz Laser Welding Technology (QLWT).

In 1992 the first euro patent was granted to the company on a major discovery of non-destructive cutting of material substrates. From 1992 to 1997 a family of international patents was received for a number of revolutionary technologies.

Starting in 1995 the company licensed an exceptional number of technologies to world-renowned companies such as Schott, Mitsubishi, Accudyne, Peter Walters, Jenoptik, PPG, Bosch, Gables, Champion Aerospace, Metaldyne, Dupont and Heraeus, that provided capital for company growth and major R&D activity.

Sfinkx European operations were consolidated in 1997 as a result of formation of the European Union. The decision was made to relocate operations to the US to commercialize the vast intellectual property accumulated over the years. The company opened a high-tech laser equipment manufacturing facility in central Florida.

In the late 90’s the company delivered the first commercial unit for non-destructive cutting of glass substrates to an industrial customer in Japan and started development of specialized equipment for the growing needs of USDC and entered the FPD market with patented Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology.

By 2000 the company sold its new technology, with the patent rights, to a major German material manufacturer for application in semiconductor, telecom, and aerospace processes and devices.

21st  Century

In the aftermath of September 11th, 2001 and the collapse of the  US flat panel display, semiconductor, and telecom industries, the company focused on  the design and manufacture of a new generation of lasers for general industrial material processing applications like marking, engraving, and cutting. By 2002 the company had acquired the Laser Photonics brand for penetration into international markets.

In 2004, the FiberTower™ series was introduced as a new generation of fiber laser cutting manufacturing equipment. A year later, the company further expanded into the research, development, and manufacture of laser cutting equipment.

In 2006, the company provided a full-sized laser cutting system for the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Two years later, the company was named Best Brand in the Category of Laser Systems by Industrial Equipment News.

By 2009 the company had expanded into the renewable energy sector with the manufacturing of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules. By the end of the year, the company was launched as a fully integrated solar PV power generator operating in all steps of the power generation value chain.

In 2010 the first military contract was awarded to the company for a renewable energy project.

By 2011 the 1.3 MW stage of the Rinehart Solar Farm project was completed—making it the largest rooftop solar plant in the Southeastern US. The company was contracted to design, develop, and construct the Sorrento Solar Farm – a 100 MW renewable energy project in Florida.

In 2011 a diverse company portfolio was re-branded as  Sfinkx  to better reflect he movement from a single market approach to a multi-market approach.

In 2012  the company provided 5MW of PV equipment for renewable energy at Marine Corps Base – Camp Lejeune and installed two military renewable energy installations- Florida and Curacao. The year was highlighted by completion of the company’s 300th energy project.

2013 — Sfinkx Corporation celebrates a 25 year heritage of manufacturing and technology innovations.