New Solar Installation Record

Approx. 500,000 homes installed solar in the United States in 2012 – (Solar Energy Industries Association). That’s a 76% increase over 2011! We’re so glad to see wider scale adoption of clean energy, and not just because we’re in the solar biz. We’re in this business for the betterment of our collective ecological situation. So […]

Private Power Plant

With our American Private Power Plant (AP3TM) one can produce electricity right where one intends to use it, minimizing line losses and maximizing energy efficiency.  AP3 provides long term energy independence, it is affordable, and it’s seamless to operate. This power generation equipment is a turnkey distributed energy generation system — your private power plant. […]

Solar Potential video from TedX

Solar Potential — Insane (VIDEO) (via Clean Technica)   Here’s an interesting solar energy video shared by Clean Technica.

Energy Independent Communities

energy independent communities

Energy Independent Communities’ 25 x 25 Resolution The American vision for energy independent communities is to create “green” power areas that generate 25 percent of their electricity and 25 percent of their transportation fuels from renewable resources by 2025. Nature provides us with all that we need. Some of what is provided will run out, […]

Office of Energy Independence

Move to energy independence

Having an Office of Energy Independence signifies a state’s realization that renewable power is not only a trend, but is taken seriously. Which states promote such progress toward the creation of their own renewable power sources with an actual Office of Energy Independence? If you search Yahoo or Google for the words office of energy […]