American Private Power Plants

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The American Private Power Plant (AP3™) is a turnkey distributed energy generation system that produces electricity at the point of consumption, minimizing line losses and maximizing energy efficiency.  AP3 is affordable and seamless power generation equipment that provides long term energy independence.

Product Description

Distributed Energy Generation (DEG), also called on-site generation, produces power at the point of consumption. A revolution in electricity supply, DEG will one day replace the current centralized generation model, where electricity is produced in large centralized facilities with coal, oil, gas and nuclear fired power plants. The benefits of DEG include decreased transmission line losses, lower emissions, and minimal impact on the environment.

AP3 systems feature photovoltaic modules, inverters, electrical components and support structures provided by Sfinkx Energy Group.

Power Plant Specifications

The AP3 series is developed to be modular and scalable. By combining individual modules, any size system can be created for any application from 25 kW to 1 MW and beyond. Each module comes as a complete turnkey system with all necessary equipment and balance of system components.


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