Fiber Tower DFAS



Product Description

The FiberTower™ DFAS uses laser technology to allow an operator to remove individual layers of the mold compound all the way through to the substrate. The DFAS operator can chose to remove the entire compound, individual layers, or sections of the mold compound ranging from the entire sample to just one wire due to the precision of the laser spot positioning. The FiberTower™ DFAS can import images from a variety of testing processes such as SAM, X-Ray, and SEM to show the operator exactly the area of concern within the sample.
Most failure analysis labs use time consuming chemical and mechanical etching processes on a routine basis to dissect chips to see why they failed. Unlike the uncontrollable, wet, chemical etch process, the DFAS IC chip decapitation process is 100% controllable by the operator through a Graphic User Interface (GUI). Utilizing the laser equipped DFAS, the operator can select a specific area to examine instead of dissecting the whole chip as chemical and mechanical etchers must do.

Traditionally, diamond saws were used for processes commonly used in failure analysis. This process is very slow requiring a significant amount of time for additional polishing due to the large standoff required from the cut, and still does not guarantee that the sample will not be damaged. The DFAS utilizes a Fonon’s laser wafer ablation process to provide an extremely accurate dissection without damaging the sample.

The FiberTower™ DFAS also offers a laser spectrometry option to provide a detailed report of all the materials as they are being processed. This feature allows the operator to find inconsistencies within the compound, flow settlement, and contaminants, and provides detail report of the exact characteristics of the mold compound. Improvements to the FiberTower™ DFAS include the use of scan servos with position feedback for higher accuracy and scan see through capabilities for on time inspection.

Eliminating the majority of cost, sample damage, as well as long term health hazards associated with the use of chemicals, the DFAS performs chip failure analysis with unmatched safety, savings, accuracy and speed.


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