Fusion Solar Kit Off-Grid

Fusion Off-Grid Solar Kit

The Fusion™ Off -Grid Solar Kits are designed for stand-alone use in areas where electricity is not readily available. The kits come complete with components that are pre-engineered and designed to work together precisely. Available as 3.8 kW and 6.7 kW PV power equipment systems that are ideally suited
for residential and small commercial applications.

Product Description

The Fusion kit’s quality components and detailed installation, operation and maintenance manual makes it easy for licensed electricians and licensed solar contractors to install.

All kit components are ARRA compliant and American made at the our manufacturing facility in Lake Mary, Florida.

PV Modules
Sfinkx’s PV modules are one of the world’s most efficient PV modules on the market today. We are committed to leading the industry with innovations and cutting edge technology advancements to help make renewable energy more cost effective.

Solar Inverters
The solar inverter offers market leading efficiency and voltage operating range maximizing energy yield to provide superior performance in low light and high temperatures. The integrated PV system provides the best combination of performance and off-grid production.

PV Module Mounting System
The SunRail™ PV Module Mounting System is designed and engineered for residential, commercial and utility applications. The metal extrusion components are a pure composition of aluminum alloy making it stronger and more durable. The racking system provides engineering for non-penetrating and penetrating systems on standard shingle, flat and tile roofs as well as ground mounting solutions.

Standard System Components

  • High efficiency PV modules
  • OutBack Power™ inverter
  • SunRail mounting system
  • Batteries and battery enclosure
  • Electrical components: combiner box, charge controller, emergency panel
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and associated cabling

Optional System Components

  • Monitoring System – hardware and software
  • Design Services – permits, engineering design including calculations, drawings and documents


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