OEM Glass Scribing Kits F250GL



Product Description

Fonon Technology International discovered and patented the Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™ (ZWCT™) method. This method splits materials at the molecular level with tremendous speed, no material loss and no chips or other debris associated with conventional scribe and break techniques.
Incorporating this technology into a laser separation tool for scribing generation 8 and higher sized glass used in the flat panel display and photovoltaic industries, Fonon DSS developed the F 250 GL. This latest generation technology incorporates a mode selective resonator and specialty gas mix range for changing wavelength during cutting making a robust manufacturing process that costs significantly less in comparison to mechanical scribing systems. The cost of mechanical scribing machinery increases as glass panel sizes do, whereas the cost for laser technology continues to decrease as panel sizes increase.

Alleviating the major problem with the conventional laser technology, the lack of control of the beam and heat spots which makes cutting large size glass unreliable and inefficient, the F 250 GL is the most proficient and reliable tool available on the market. The development of the F250 GL is a tremendous breakthrough in processing generation 8 and larger panels having developed a 65% more efficient and constant manufacturing process with the highest throughput possible for this large glass.

Overall, the F 250 GL technology-tool combination can improve quality, lower costs, and take business’ to the next level. Currently, no other company is prepared to offer the proper tools for cutting glass which can meet the stringent industry requirements. Additionally, this tool is now commercially available throughout the world for cutting glass with the highest edge quality and strength at a price lower than conventional mechanical scribers.


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